Kitchen Workstation Series #1: Food Prep Station

The first step to organizing your kitchen is to develop work stations. Having your kitchen organized in this way results in making your kitchen work for you, not against you. When you can take the fewest steps to get to what you need, all the cooking and cleaning becomes much easier... and even can be enjoyable! Let's take a look at arranging your kitchen stations for the most convenient way to work. Food Prep Station: The most convenient set up for your food prep station is next to the sink. You will want to keep your knives, cutting boards, and colanders for rinsing in this area. What else do you need at a food prep station? Paper towels are handy, you may also want to keep bowls to put the prepped food in as you go. Try keeping a 'scrap bowl' to hold the peelings, rinds, fruit pits in to take out to the compost bin or other wet garbage. And, dont forget, you'll need a good selection of cutting boards. Choose a variety that you can keep track of for use with poultry, meat, produce, and bread and nuts. You need at least four cutting boards to cover these different foods without cross-contamination.


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